Friday, January 17, 2014


I've been slowing down and not doing things I don't feel like doing (to an extent obviously).  Here's some really fun pictures from last Sunday when we went with a friend and her two little boys to the beach.  Yes, we went to the beach in January!  It was 64 degrees and sunny.  It actually felt great to be out in jeans and a light jacket because with two little boys obviously there's going to be a lot of MOVEMENT.  I love it though.  They are some of my favorite kids.

No wonder kids love Alex.

Looking at some surfers.

This lasted about 90 seconds.
On the way home we spotted a huge tortoise on the side of one of the main roads in town so we did a major u-turn to check it out.  Basically this man has had this tortoise for 40 some years, and he takes it to schools or goes to kids' birthday parties with it for fun.  This is the way he advertises in the winter when there is a warm day.  He let the kids ride him in exchange for Alex and I kissing his head.  Later I realized that I think they carry salmonella or something?!  Oh well.

Notice that everyone else there is dressed as if it is 30 degrees.  If it is below 70 degrees then people wear beanies and heavy coats here.  It's nuts.

I love weekends in Wilmington!

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Curtis said...

Hey, glad to see a new post. Looks like you all had some fun and we are jealous about going to the beach in January.

Love You,

Gail & Curtis

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